Thursday, 16 April 2009

Summer? Is it really you?

It's been quite a while since I last posted. I probably should be studying right now, but I'm not. The reason for this impromptu post is this: I have a story.

It was my 21st birthday last week. 21 ... I know. It's pretty sweet. I seem to enjoy getting older. Maybe I'll eat my words someday, but for now, I think I get taken a little more seriously with every passing year, and that's a good thing. The week of my birthday was busy. I had a lab exam on the Monday, and a test on Thursday (the day after my birthday - at 8:30 in the morning, no less). Thankfully the big birthday in Canada is 19 because that's what the legal drinking age is. I'm not sure what Arjun (my twin brother) did in Florida, but being in the US 21 was much more of a big deal for him. But I was grateful for not having any crazy binging tradition to live up to. It turned out to be a (fairly large) group of friends at Ducky's. The same as last year. A few beers, an excuse to all get together, and then some very late-night studying for an early-morning test. Woo hoo ... What made the whole thing better - and the heart of this story - is that since it was my birthday and I was at a point where I could afford it, I bought myself a guitar. I went online and hunted for good deals and good guitars and I finally found one: an Epiphone PR150 Acoustic Guitar. I got a message from the store that it had been shipped on the 8th, and it was here on Tuesday. I could only pick it up yesterday because UPS needed to be paid border-crossing charges before they were willing to drop it off. It took less than a week and now I have my very own guitar!! I think it's sort of middle-of-the-range and I'm sure guitar experts will think that it's fairly mediocre and nothing special ... but in the one day that I've had it, I have grown to love it. I'm sure (and I sincerely hope) that this is the start of something pretty cool and I can't wait.

So that is my story. I've already learned a few chords and my fingers have the satisfying pain that comes with learning guitar that I remember so well from the first time I tried to learn. Why a guitar, you ask? So close to the time that I'm going back to India? Well ... because I tried to learn before, and nothing special came of it. One reason was that I was in high school and I was certain that I had more important things to do. It wasn't my guitar ... and so it always felt a bit like a hobby ... something to do semi-seriously on the side. It stopped pretty quickly and that was the end of it. But now, I have a guitar that I have spent a substantial amount of money on, I'm going to haul it halfway around the world with me when I go home, and then I'm going to love it and learn to play it, and it will be awesome. : )

I was looking for songs this evening that I like that might be easy to learn how to play. I remember my dad started to teach me how to play Horse With No Name (America) the first time I tried to learn, and now I have the chords for that written down again, and I'll figure it out at some point. But my search through my iTunes took me from Horse With No Name through all the oldies that I have and I put in Sister Golden Hair (America) and hit my Genius button, and it brought up basically all my favourite oldies songs. Those of you who use iTunes and the new Genius thing they have will understand how great it is. That's what I'm listening to right now: America, Bread, Simon and Garfunkel, CSNY, the Eagles, Dire Straits ... all the songs that are ingrained in my mind that I was listening to in utero and all through my life. I've realized that nothing makes me want to be at home more than listening to the music that reminds me of home.

It's been a really good day: I wrote an exam this morning that I think went well, I had an awesome nap for a few hours in the afternoon, my friend Graeme taught me some chords and a few fun things to do with my guitar, and now I'm procrastinating, listening to music that makes me happy, and thinking about being at home in the summer.

Sigh. Ok. Well. That was the story that I wanted to tell. I now have to study. Two exams down, two to go. Life sure is a party.

Till later ...

The trouble with trying to find videos of old bands is that they're all crappy recordings from the 70's, but here's the audio anyway. The song of the moment: Sister Golden Hair (America).